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Over twenty-five years ago, the Walker Mower was designed and developed as a machine to do a job rather than fill a market. No marketing studies were done. Simply put, the Walker was designed to mow landscaped properties "Fast, Easy and Beautiful".

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Starting with production of the commemorative models(MTGHS28C, S/N 09-100643), a new 10.0 bushel grass catcher replaces the 9.5 catcher as standard equipment on Models MC, MT, MD. The new molded design includes a door with a molded-in exhaust deflector,the catcher shell tapered larger to the rear for better dumping action, and a molded compartment to enclose the PowerfilTM actuator motor. The 10.0 catcher assembly will fit on earlier units for upgrading; a retrofit kit will be made available at a later date.

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We don't use superlatives to describe the Walker--we don't claim the best, the fastest, the strongest or the cheapest. As a specialty manufacturer, our effort and focus are on building a machine that does the job and offers excellent value to our customers. What our customers say is all that matters. Please request a copy of Walker Talk Magazine to hear the story from the customer's perspective.

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Walker Manufacturing is an independent, family-owned company, producing the Walker Mower since 1980. We pride ourselves in being personally acquainted with many of our customers and having the "family style" approach to business.

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