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2007 Kubota M5700 Utility/Ag Tractor


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Waterman Farm Machinery Co., Inc
M5700 Utility/Ag Tractor


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61 HP Tractor/Loader
1 set of rear remotes
8x8 synchro shuttle


  • 8F/8R FULLY-SYNCHRONIZED MAIN AND SHUTTLE TRANSMISSION - Shifting between forward and reverse can now be achieved smoothly and quickly, and without needing to stop the tractor. The synchronized four speeds of the main shift in combination with Hi/Low range allow 8F/8R speeds. The four speeds permit convenient, on-the-fly up and down shifting. The optional creep speed kit makes it 12F/12R.
  • DELUXE SEAT - The deluxe seat on the M-Series has been designed for operator comfort. Features include formed cushions, armrests and adjustable suspension. It is adjustable fore and aft, and for height, as well. A retractable seat belt is standard.
  • DIFFERENTIAL LOCK - When wheel slippage occurs, the rear differential lock pedal canbe engaged easily. It immediately activates both rear wheels. The result is a reduction in slippage.
  • E-TVCS ENGINE - The M-Series from Kubota features the E-TVCS engine, a sophisticated indirect injection, liquid-cooled diesel engine which meets EPA regulations concerning emissions.
  • HIGH TORQUE RISE - The governor and fuel injection pumps are integrated into a single, compact unit to produce an astounding 26% on M5700. Response to sudden load fluctuations is quick, reducing engine rpm drop. This means these tractors will performsmoothly under virtually any load condition with less need for downshifting and greater fuel efficiency.
  • BEVEL GEAR 4WD - Thanks to Kubota's bevel gear 4WD system, the turning radius is comparable to that of a 2WD. As well as allowing exceptional mobility in tight areas, the bevel gear system allows smooth power transfer to the wheels at all angles. All gears are hermetically sealed in oil to improve durability.
  • HYDROSTATIC POWER STEERING - Kubota's hydrostatic power steering, while assuming the burden of heavy work, provides smooth, responsive steering. Power assist is enough even when the vehicle is stationary.
  • HANGING PEDALS AND EASY-TO-OPERATE CONTROL LEVER - SAugmenting the spaciousness of the deck are the hanging pedals. The hanging pedals provide more legroom, as well as increase comfort. All control levers have been strategically positioned for maximum operating room, efficiency, and access.
  • CLUTCH - Kubota has upgraded the heavy-duty main clutch with a new, well-tested material of superb abrasion resistance to extend clutch life. The reliability of the clutch for heavy loader work has been further improved. The clutch diameter is 10.8 inches (275mm) on M5700.
  • FULL-FLOATING ISO-MOUNTED SEMI-FLAT/FULL-FLAT CAB DECK - The deck was ergonomically designed to maximize operator comfort. The deck is spacious enough to allow comfort and freedom of movement. ISO (Isolated)-mounting with rubber mat also helps to decrease operator fatigue by reducing noise and vibration, even after long hours on the job.
  • ENCLOSED MUFFLER - For added operator visibility and even further noise reduction, the muffler is contained within the engine compartment. The only protrusion is an exhaustpipe, which can be detached easily without opening the hood when the ROPS is foldeddown temporarily. For a lower profile, an optional under muffler or a down exhaust pipe (on ROPS models) is available.
  • ONE-PIECE FULL-OPEN HOOD - Maintenance is easily performed, thanks to the new high-access, one-touch opening hood; servicing points such as the battery, air cleaner, radiator screen, and fan belt are within easy reach. The hood, fenders, and fuel tank are made of formed steel for longevity, quick repair, and a sturdy, dignified look.
  • DUAL-ELEMENT AIR CLEANER - The highly efficient air-cleaning system consists of two dry-type elements: a primary and a secondary that combine to ensure engine longevity. The system allows risk-free primary filter replacement even in dusty conditions.
  • FOLDABLE ROPS - A foldable Roll-Over Protective Structure with retractable seatbelt is standard. It may be temporarily folded down without tools, so that the tractor may pass under areas with height constraints. (There is no operator protection provided by the ROPS in the folded position. For operator safety, the ROPS should be placed in the upright and locked position and the seat belt fastened for all other operations.)
  • LARGE CAPACITY HYDRAULIC PUMPS - The M5700 is impressive at 11 gpm(41.6 l/min). As a result, the front loader cycle times are short, increasing productivity and facilitating operation.
  • AUXILIARY REMOTE HYDRAULIC VALVES - The M-Series have a double-acting remote hydraulic valve with detents and self-canceling feature as standard equipment. Additional self-canceling or float type valves are optional. Thanks to the optional flow control valve (on specific models), the 3-point hitch and a remote valve may be operated simultaneously. Simultaneous operation can be made between two remote valves, as well.
  • LIVE INDEPENDENT, HYDRAULIC PTO - The M-Series offers smooth operation with a live, independent, 540-rpm PTO with a hydraulically actuated, wet-type PTO clutch. Self-modulating engagement with a light touch means implements engage smoothly. The independent-type PTO clutch can be engaged or disengaged without depressing the clutch pedal, regardless ofwhether the tractor is stationary or moving. The clutch lever islocated on the right-hand side to provide easy visibility to implements during operation.
  • 3-POINT HITCH - The Category I & II 3-point hitch provides fast attachment of implements. The lift rod and stabilizers allow easy implement hook-up. The telescopic lower link ends further facilitate attachment. Lift capacity is as much as 3310 lbs. (1500kg) on the M5700 at 24" behind the lift point.
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT FOR CAB - The following equipment is available as standard: Front windshield wiper and washer, Front and rear working lights, Interior light, Cigarette lighter, External mirrors, Sun visor, Ashtray, Safety flashers (two), Tail lights (two), Cup holder.
  • EXELLENT VISIBILITY - Thanks to a large overall glass area and frameless doors, we're able to offer excellent visibility. Side windows may be opened, as can the hatch-back-type rear window. The bottom-hinge front wiper also helps improve visibility.
  • EASY OPERATION - M-Series tractors feature cabs that are ergonomically designed for maximum productivity. All operational levers, including the main shift lever, are conveniently located to the side of the seat, within easy reach. A tilt steering wheel has been designed to better suit the unique posture of the driver. The fuel tank has been enlarged, minimizing the amount of downtime needed for refueling.
  • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR CAB - Radio cassette player & Rear wiper and washer.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT - The M-Series Ultra Cab II is one of the most comfortable on the markettoday. Thanks to a dual-level air conditioning system, it's possible to cool your upper body while keeping your feet warm. A deluxe seat provides armrests, reclining seat back, and suspension system. The full-flat deck has been engineered to provide plenty of leg room, while reducing vibration and driver fatigue.
  • Type: E-TVCS liquid cooled, 4-cylinder diesel
  • Model: F2803EA
  • PTO horsepower HP (kW): 52 (38.8)
  • Engine gross horsepower HP (kW): 61.6 (46)
  • Rated RPM: 2800 rpm
  • Bore and stroke in. (mm): 3.43x3.64 (87x92)
  • Displacement cu. In. (cc): 167.5 (2746)
  • Air cleaner: Dry, dual element
  • Battery: 12V, 700 CCA
  • Cooling system: Heavy duty radiator with recovery tank
Transmission/Drive Train
  • Clutch: Hydraulic Shuttle / Multiple wet disc (common with shuttle clutch)
  • Transmission: Fully synchronized main / 8F x 8R speeds
  • Differential Lock: Rear Standard
  • Final drive: Inboard planetary
  • Brake: Mechanically operated, multi plate wet disc
PTO System
  • Type: Live-hydraulic independent
  • Rear: 540 rpm
  • Type: Open Center
  • Pump: Gear Pumps
  • Total pump output gpm (l/min): 17.1 (64.7)
  • Hydraulic outlet: 1 (2nd optional on ROPS model, 2nd - 3rd and flow control valve optional on Cab model)
  • 3-point hitch: Category I and II
  • Hydraulic control system: Position with draft and mix control
  • Lift capacity at lift point lbs. (kg): 4200 (1900)
  • 24" behind LP lbs. (kg): 3310 (1500)
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
Dimensions & Weight
  • Fuel tank gal. (l): ROPS: 17.2 (65), Cab: 25.1 (95)
  • Cooling system qts. (l): 8.5 (8.0)
  • Engine oil qts. (l): 8.5 (8.0)
  • Transmission case gal. (l): 10.6 (40.0)
  • Overall length (w/o 3P) in.(mm): 2WD: 137.6 (3495), 4WD: 134.1 (3405)
  • Overall length Cab (with 3P) in. (mm): 2WD: 140.6 (3570), 4WD: 137.0 (3480)
  • Overall width (min tread) in. (mm): 72.8 (1850)
  • Overall height w/ROPS) in. (mm): 93.5 (2375)/99.0 (2515)
  • Wheelbase in. in. (mm): 78.7 (2000)/81.7 (2075)
  • Ground clearance (Front Axle) in. (mm): 18.1 (460)
  • Turning radius w/brake ft. (m): 2WD: 10.2 (3.1), 4WD: 9.5 (2.9)
  • Weight with ROPS lbs. (kg): 2WD: 3859 (1750), 4WD: 4079 (1850)
  • Weight with Cab lbs. (kg): 2WD: 4454 (2020), 4WD: 4652 (2110)
Tire Size
  • Ag Standard Front/Rear: 2WD: 7.50-16 F2/16.9-28 R1, 4WD: 9.5-22 R1/16.9-28 R1
  • Turf Option Front/Rear: 29x12.50-15/21.5L-16.1 R3
  • Industrial Option Front/Rear: 4WD: 12.5/80-18 R4/16.9-24 R4



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
Liquid Cooled, 4-Cylinder Diesel
61.6 HP
52 HP
Rated RPM
2800 RPM
Bore and Stroke
87 x 92 mm


81.7 in. (2075 mm)
99 in. (2515 mm)
72.8 in. (1850 mm)
2WD: 3859 (1750), 4WD: 4079 (1850) 2WD: 4454 (2020), 4WD: 4652 (2110) 2WD 3859 lbs. (1750 kg) (ROPS), 4WD 4079 lbs. (1850 kg) (ROPS), 2WD 4454 lbs. (2020 kg) (Cab), 4WD 4652 lbs. (2110 kg) (Cab)
Ground Clearance
18.1 in. (460 mm)
Tire Size
2WD: Front: 7.50-16 F2/Rear: 16.9-28 (R1), 4WD: Front: 9.5-22 (R1)/Rear: 16.9-28 (R1)


Fuel System
Fuel Capacity
17.2 gal. (65 l) (ROPS), 25.1 gal (95 l) (Cab)
Fully Sychronized Main / 8F x 8R Speeds
Mechanically Operated, Multi-plate Wet Disc
3-Point Hitch, Lift, Steering, Outlet (Optional)
Drive Type
Gear Drive